Master of Financial Technology

Griffith University

Loại cơ sở giáo dục: Trường Đại học/Trường Đại học
Cấp độ: Sau đại học
CRICOS: 00233E

The Master of Financial Technology offers a qualification that provides advanced studies in modern technology with knowledge of the global financial market. The finance industry is becoming more information and data-driven. Businesses have greatly benefited from using advanced data analytics to improve their financial position.The program is designed for students, either with or without the background in IT or Finance, to enter a rapidly growing FinTech industry, which includes big data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, programming and cybersecurity, while at the same time understanding how financial markets function.Students will be learning advanced Excel skills combined with the Python programming language, R Studio and Tableau to evaluate a large amount of financial data and assess different investment decisions across various market conditions.This program provides a unique opportunity to combine these skills in a unified degree, and graduates will comprehend specialised knowledge in the financial services organisation and the application of emerging technologies in the finance industry.The Master of Financial Technology has two different entry points depending on your previous studies:Standard pathway: If you are interested in moving into the field and do not have a background in finance or IT, you will complete the standard pathway (2 years) which includes a compulsory foundation component.Advanced standing pathway: If you have a prior Finance or Information technology degree you will follow the advanced standing pathway (1.5 years) and skip the foundation course component. You will focus on core Finance and Information Technology courses.Griffith University offers a range of flexible delivery modes including on-campus and online.

Thông tin học tập

Khuôn viênLệ phíNhập học giữa nămTham dự
Nathan Campus International: $59,000 No
  • Full-time : 1.5 years
Online International: $59,000 No
  • Full-time : 1.5 years

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